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Chinese Medicine


Each patient will have an individualized consultation to determine a customized treatment protocol combining all the elements of Chinese Medicine with the current Evidence-Based Best Practices to optimize health outcomes. Treatments may include:


-Herbal Medicine


-Moxa Heat Therapy


Well-Life Consultations


Our goal is not only to support you with treatment in the office, but make sure you have the tools to live your life to the fullest. Well-Life Consultations can include:

-I-Ching Reading

Feng Shui House Visits

Chinese Nutritional Counselling

Tai Chi/Qigong Coaching



Stonegate offers several testing options to fully assess your health needs.

-Cognitive Testing w/ Cambridge Brain Sciences

-Hormone/Metabolic Testing w/ Sabre Science

-Allergy Testing w/ Cyrex Labs

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About Us



Stonegate was founded in 2006 to bring to life a vision of a practice rooted in the long and rich history of Chinese Medicine and equally informed by modern research and current medical practices.


Justin Phillips, LAc.


Justin began studying martial arts and meditation as a child. His love of holistic, mind-body practices continued throughout His life and eventually lead to Chinese Medicine. He focused his clinical practice on traditional acupuncture needle technique, psycho-emotional studies, endocrinology, and the mind body connection.

He has been in practice for over 10 years and been recognized as a leader in the instruction of needle technique. In addition he has worked extensively with neurological function in Chinese Medicine, particularly in relation to neuroplastic function and trauma.


Erasing the Finish Lines

Stonegate isn't just a business, it's a way of life. Justin lives his life to model the idea that health is a choice you make every day. He is an active rock climber, obstacle course racer, and martial artist. He is passionate about the idea that no matter where a patient is in their journey of health, they can always live better because in healing, there are no finish lines.